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Yahoo Canada News

Ontario’s fentanyl deaths demonstrate the drug’s national impact

Whether by choice or by circumstance, more Canadian women getting c-sections

STI outbreaks in Alberta not just do to dating apps, social media

Outdated sex ed has long-term consequences for young Canadians

B.C. fentanyl emergency highlights need for action from provinces and Feds


Prescribed heroin promising for managing addiction

Stressed out: Women more likely to feel economic pangs

Posilac “Mooves” Over

Suicide attempts hold extra risks for anorexics

Hard-Knock Plastic

Controversy brews over storing of cord blood

Barbershops become urban community health centres

Everything you ever wanted to know about poo

Go Green and Cut Red Meat


Will this new pill make abortion more accessible in Canada?

The Establishment

Inside the Battle to Improve Abortion Access in Atlantic Canada

Chemistry World

US agency bans triclosan and 18 other antibacterials

CrossFit craze: The intense workout that’s going mainstream

Are toddlers being fed solid foods too soon?

Nike’s Fuel Band, Lululemon’s heart rate monitor bra some of the smart fitness gadgets


Why Our Bodies, Ourselves still matters 40 years later

New recommendations for breast-cancer screening, and a new screening tool

How to eat seafood that’s healthy for you and sustainable for the oceans

What you can do to prevent contracting E. coli

Huffington Post Canada

Depression Symptoms: 15 Things You May Not Think About

Alcohol Abuse: 12 Things You Need To Know

The Overcast

St. John’s Deemed a “Food Swamp” by Experts


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