excited aziz

Canadians are such nerds, and our excitement about the census proves it.

In our defence, the previous government did away with the long-form census a few years ago. The result was outcry from both ordinary Canadians and professionals who rely on the kind of data the census collects. This year marks the return of the mandatory long-form census, which about a quarter of Canadians received in the mail in the early part of the month.

It makes my geeky heart happy to see my fellow citizens get so excited about filling out a government form. The census collects data that is important to have today and in the future. With that in mind, I was particularly glad to write two stories about the census: one this week looking at the uniquely Canadian excitement around Census Day, and another earlier this month reporting on the problems with the form’s sex binary–and what people could do to register their own identities and their desire for wider options in 2021.

On Census Day, Canadian excitement for government forms remains high (Yahoo Canada News)

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