Covering a historic fire from afar

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This week’s wildfire in Fort McMurray, the resulting evacuation of the entire city, was close to home for me in some ways. I am from Newfoundland and Labrador, a province with strong ties to the northern Alberta city. I lived in Fort McMurray as a child, so I can clearly picture some of the areas that have been burned or are still in danger. And I have family who live there and had to evacuate this week, along with about 80,000 other people, as the fire moved inside city limits.

But in other very concrete ways, the story is quite far from me–specifically, thousands of kilometres away. But such is the journalism industry today that I can live in St. John’s, work for an office based in Toronto, and contribute to a coverage of a story in Fort McMurray. It doesn’t match or replace the important work being done on the ground, in particular by reporters for Fort McMurray Today. But I was glad to share the experiences of those who evacuated with a wide audience as everything unfolded earlier this week, and to highlight some of the good-news stories coming out of an overwhelmingly negative event.

Fort McMurray residents faced harrowing escape from burning city (Yahoo Canada News)

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Photo via Twitter